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One of the questions that appeared in an english exam for chinese students

cr: 安尚尚-对EXO何止一句喜欢 

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周觅_SJMSong Qian says the coffee is very delicious~ yeah @宋茜-fx—victoria

宋茜-fx—victoria Zhou Mi said the bread is really good〜yeah @周觅_SJM

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exo at the hankuk academy of foreign studies to film for their new music video;
via 小智MAX

Title: Dolphin Sound
Artist: Kyuhyun
Played: 3941 times


Dolphin sound by Kyuhyun ㅎㅎㅎ (dl) (vid) (s)

He’s actually singing Vitas’ “Opera #2” and it makes me so happy.

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cute kai  ヾ( ‘ ω ‘*)

How gramps suho cared for Tao’s pancoat pants.

the way tao patted suho’s neck T_T